Songwriting Lessons

At VMS You Can...

  • Build your song
  • Work with expert instructors
  • Take it at your own pace 
  • Schedule your lesson online 

The VMS Songwriting Lesson Advantage

If you know what you “hear in your head” but you can’t play it, let a VMS songwriting teacher help you create the music around your lyrics. If you already have a song, you can get some ideas for alternative chord progressions or edits on the structure.

We pay attention to music theory tips and tricks that help you understand why certain chords and progressions work well together. Learning to do this will give you access to more ideas when planning your song’s mood and style and future writing.

VMS teachers are multi-talented professional musicians with music degrees who have writing, arranging, recording, and performing experience. A well-rounded teacher can provide a much deeper understanding of each students’ needs and concerns. Instructors are devoted to their students’ progress, and they customize every writing project to each student’s interests.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget things learned in lessons, but not at VMS. Log in to our learning management system to keep track of assignments and progress reports for every lesson.

When the basic outline of your song is ready, explore layering techniques using songwriting and production programs. If you would like to record it, your instructor will help guide you through the process in our state-of-the-art recording studio. Work with VMS Recording and have your song professionally produced precisely the way you want it!

All under one roof

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“From Lesson to Launch and Everything in Between.” We provide growth opportunities for beginners through professionals. Private lessons are customized to fit diverse interests and learning styles. New classes and mentored recording projects are offered year-round to help you create something extraordinary! Our VMS Community wants to help you discover and develop your talents to let your authentic self shine. We can’t wait to meet you!

What our Have To Say...

FAQ for Voice Lessons

Yes, you should have something already in mind – an idea, lyrics, a melody, or chord progression that can be developed into a song.

No need to bring any device for the first lesson, unless your song is loaded on it and you want to play it from there.

No, you can discuss that with teacher after you get started

Lessons are always available online, but for in-person lessons, for now, all teachers and students wear masks and maintain 6 ft or more distances. Lesson rooms have plexiglass dividers and air filters. In addition, the COVID-certified iWave air scrubber is installed in our central air systems throughout the building

All lessons are offered with extreme flexibility to suit various scheduling needs. Click here for VMS Lesson Pricing options.

All lessons are available online or in-person at our 9,000 sq. foot facility in Columbus, Ohio. We observe all Covid-19 safety guidelines and have installed the pure air iWave filter into our central heating and cooling systems. All are required to wear masks in the building.

Ready To Write?

Lesson Packages

BOGO Bonus Intro

If you have never been a VMS Student, sample a couple of lessons with the BOGO (Buy One Get One free) Bonus Intro - For first-time students only. 2 lessons for the price of one. Try 2 lessons, or 2 teachers, or 2 instruments, or share with another first-time student! But if you know you are ready to start, skip this BOGO Intro and choose one of the below packages!

Single Lessons

Schedule what you need, when you need it. These are great if you are looking for a quick brush-up on skills or if you seek feedback from an instructor. Advance purchase is required. Single lessons are $35 and are available for all lesson types and from all teachers.

Lesson Memberships

Work with the same teacher using the same time slot every week. Start when you are ready and stop at the end of any month, no contracts. This is VMS teacher-recommended as the best choice to ensure steady progress (save 10%)

Explorer Packages

For extreme flexibility, purchase lessons in advance, and sign up only for time slots that fit YOUR schedule. Switch days, instruments, or teachers. You can even skip weeks and share these packages between immediate family members (save 5% - 10%)

Not sure, wanna talk about it?

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Chat with a VMS Education Coordinator to help you get the most out of our services. Schedule a free Discovery Call to strategize, budget, and reach your musical goals.

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