VMS Juniors

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Music Instruction Programs
for Your Little Ones

Ages 4-12

Young students stay focused on learning and practicing while having fun!

All lessons are available online or in person at our 9,000 sq. foot facility in Columbus, Ohio. We observe all Covid-19 safety guidelines and have installed the iWave air purification system into the building's heating and cooling systems. In addition, every room has their own independent air filter, room dividers and all furniture is rearranged for at least 6ft or more distancing. All are required to wear masks in the building.

What is VMS Juniors?

VMS Juniors provides structure, incentives, and assures progress. While it is a learning and rewards program designed specifically for young children, it offers parents a clear understanding and details of each level of progress. Of course, regular VMS lessons are available for any child as well – it’s your choice!

Although every lesson at VMS offers progress notes and parent logins, VMS Juniors goes a little further in nurturing the young child who may benefit from more structure and incentives. Progress Level Indicator “tests” are woven into lessons as part of the curriculum. 

Students may collect prizes and awards for progress levels completed, as well as special photo-ops to celebrate each level of completion. Parents can frame the photos or share them digitally with family and friends on their own social media. 

Special “VMS Juniors Only” performance showcases are offered for students and their families. That way, VMS Juniors can get used to performing among their peers before jumping into the sometimes intimidating full-studio showcases. Of course, VMS Juniors are always welcomed to participate in both types of showcases at any time!

Nope, there are no additional fees for VMS Juniors – It’s totally free!  Just let our office staff know you are interested, and they will get you enrolled!

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