Record in our Studio

One of the most incredible things about VMS is our world-class recording studio. Used by major label recording artists like Lil’ Yachty, Spencer Sutherland, and the production team behind hit songs from Coldplay and Kanye West, our beginner level students benefit from experiencing the thrill of recording as well! Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll feel right at home in our comfortable, friendly recording studio.



Make A Record, Record A Voiceover, or Livestream Your Performance

VMS’s Recording Studio is a “not so best kept secret” in the midwest regarding world-class audio record production. Our 1,000 sq ft live room has hosted sessions of all sizes from massive choirs and orchestras to rock bands who love our 28ft ceilings. Our control room has been used by the best in the business to mix chart-topping hits, and our spacious vocal booth is equally capable of providing a tight drum sound when the track calls for it. Our microphone selection is vast, and the gear has been hand-selected to accommodate whatever the song calls for. At the heart of it all is our custom sidecar Neve Console. For more information about professional recording sessions, visit our connecting website,


work with a VMS Educator, record your music, become a pro

Are you a student looking to take your music skills to the next level?  Expand your learning experience to include professional recording sessions. Whether you’re a solo artist or dreaming of being part of a full band recording, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated teaching staff and experienced recording engineers are here to assist you every step of the way. As a student, you get access to top-notch music education and exclusive discounts at one of the finest recording studios in the Midwest.