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Music Instruction with a
Collaborative Professional Push from our
Educators, Producers and Music Mentors

The VMS Pro Program is an advanced, high expectation curriculum intended for those who are serious about professional readiness. Students who complete this course will have a better understanding of the commitment, skills level and quality ethics it takes to be a music professional.

 –  Advanced instruction

 –  Final project audio or video recording

Students will be better prepared for:

–  Auditions

–  Professional Collaborations

–  Music Leadership


–  VMS Teacher recommendation 

–  Readiness Consult with a Program Director

Pro Tracks

Vocal Pro

Industry Artists

Stage Pro

Music Theater and Band Branding

Guitar Pro

Industry Player

Ready to take your skills to the next level?

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All lessons are available online or in person at our 9,000 sq. foot facility in Columbus, Ohio. We observe all Covid-19 safety guidelines and have installed the pure air iWave filter into our central heating and cooling systems. All are required to wear masks in the building.