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VMS is located at 3280 Riverside Drive, on the west border of Upper Arlington, Ohio, between Grandview and Hilliard.  Riverside Drive (Rt 33) provides direct access north to Dublin and Powell and South to South Arlington and Columbus. 

Crazy times, constant changes – we hear you, we can help!  Schedule your lessons weekly OR at random times. Skip a week, share lessons with family members, or even try a different instrument. These are all-new, all discounted packages.

Take lessons, join classes, write songs, record your music, join clubs or perform in showcases! Do all this and more, as you get to know and work with others – become part of the VMS community!

Our professional music instructors have multi-degrees and many years of teaching experience, but there’s more. They have also toured extensively, performed with legendary musicians, written, produced, and recorded albums, studied with world-renowned coaches, designed music education programs, and more! But what’s most important is they truly WANT TO take your talent to new heights with fun music tutoring.

Just like our educators, our recording engineers and producers have degrees and experience, but collectively, they have stacked up a gazillion recording projects over the years! What’s most important with them also is that they truly WANT TO work with you and help you bring your recording dreams to life.

VMS instructors, engineers, and staff are in constant communication. They are not independents working only with their own, but they are part of a team who work together on behalf of each others’ students. Instructors share teaching tips and communicate with engineers and staff on the best ways to accommodate and to further each student’s progress. You may only see one teacher in your lessons, but you benefit from our entire VMS team.

Do you have questions about what to do first, how to plan your time and your budget, what’s best for your music learning goals? Our directors will help you navigate your musical path within VMS and also beyond. From music instruction and recording guidance to college and career choices, sign up for a private consultation to help choose what’s best for you.

We welcome all ages, musical preferences, future goals, ideas, and interests. We learn and create side by side and value the richness everyone brings. We can’t wait to meet you, get to know you and work with you. Let’s make music!

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