VMS Band Membership!

Starting February 8th, learn and play in a VMS band in an all new Membership format!

Students will have the opportunity to consistently develop their musicianship alongside their peers under the guidance of experienced VMS Instructors - all instruments and singing styles welcome!
Students will:
Explore intermediate-advanced techniques and practices on their instruments.
Learn how to operate as part of a group; learning the importance of setting up/hitting cues and the practices of a great band member.
Learn and play songs as a group!
Band Membership is aimed to serve as the perfect setting for students to hone their playing/performance skills and rotate into our 'Pro Bands' and upcoming 'Small Groups'/'Band Combos'
Band Membership also serves as a great place to develop a secondary instrument for students interested in expanding their skill sets.
Band Membership meets weekly on Saturdays from 11:30am-12:30pm and costs just $130 per month (that's only $10 more than our standard lesson membership for double the instruction time!)
Give us a call at 614.451.1976 to learn more or sign up!
While Band Membership and Band Pro are geared towards our intermediate and advanced students, we wanted to provide a band opportunity for our younger/beginner students. We are exited to announce that we are developing a new Beginner Band program that will be launching in April! Stay tuned for more details in future announcements.
As mentioned above, we'll also be launching new Small Bands/Band Combos very soon.
We're so excited for all the new band developments, and looking forward to seeing our students excel!
Hope to see you at band practice soon!