Voice Lessons

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  • Take voice lessons as an adult or child
  • Brush up on previous skills, or start as a beginner
  • Start lessons any time of year, when you are ready
  • Learn to sing any style; opera, jazz, pop, musical theater
  • Study at your own pace with expert teachers
  • Extend your learning on stage or in our recording studio
  • Participate in frequent in-house performances
  • Sign up for regional and national competitions

The student who discovers music early has dramatic advantages over those who don’t. Music encourages achievement and builds self-confidence. "At Vaughan Music Studios, we don’t just teach, we give every student the opportunity to explore."


VMS Voice Lessons Advantages

1. Fun and Productive Lessons - Education research has proven that the brain is most receptive to new information (learning) when it is happy and content. Learning is interactive and focused on accomplishing new goals within fun, stress-free voice lesson plans. Our friendly teachers, staff and studio-wide group activities create a positive and effective learning environment.

2. Variety and Exploration - From beginners to adults, classical and musical theater to jazz and pop, Voice Lessons at VMS accommodate the interests and needs of each individual student. Students are encouraged to study a variety of styles and genres as their interests develop.

3. Expert Teachers - Teachers at VMS are not only excellent, professional musicians with degrees, but they are also highly trained teachers, devoted to the progress of their students. Lessons are customized to fit the interest and learning style of each student. Progress reports and updates are offered regularly.


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Our Students Learn To Sing...And More! - Here's what they are working on... 


Our voice students are:

  • ​Developing performance skills

  • Preparing for auditions

  • Learning to write their own songs

  • Strengthening sight-singing

  • Conquering stage fright

  • Performing

  • Recording

  • Touring

  • Having a blast!

Succeed in Music, Succeed in Life?

There are many positive reasons to study music. Immediate rewards and accomplishments develop into life-long benefits for all.  

Developing your voice begins with a decision and commitment to improve.  Acquiring new vocal skills is not only fun and exciting, it also builds confidence. Practicing teaches discipline, perseverance, problem solving, and builds an acute sense of vocal self-awareness.

Singing with others in a vocal duet or any kind of musical group teaches collaboration. Individual singers and musicians unify their efforts and work toward a common goal.  This develops the ability to lead, the willingness to follow, as well as a keen sense of timing.  All are essential for success not only in music, but also in school, community, business and in family life.


Enjoyment is inevitable at any age, every level or within any genre. Music encourages higher levels of creativity and imagination while preserving quickness of mind and expanding expression. Learning is never-ending and voice lessons provide a wide array of the most inspiring opportunities.


We're not just another Music Studio..  

Vaughan Music Studios is an instruction and recording studio for all ages, levels and styles of music.  We have been offering instruction, artist development and audio engineering to the Columbus, Ohio community since 2007. Music lessons are offered in voice, vocal duetspiano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute, brass, orchestral strings, ukulele, songwriting, and acting for singers as well. VMS offers college and career consultations for those looking for guidance in their music career.

Our motto is “From lessons to launch and everything in between.” Artist Development is the “Everything in between!” We don’t just teach: We give you the opportunity to explore.  

Every plan is customized because every artist is different. Our experienced instructors help you identify areas for improvement, enhance your strengths, and enable your authentic self to shine.

Vaughan Music Studios is equipped to provide an exceptional recording experience for all of our clients, no matter their skill level or need. The facility is designed to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere and is available for outside clients’ recordings. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our active and vibrant studios where you will learn to be an awesome musician! You or your child are going to love it! 


Frequently Asked Questions:  

1. My child is always singing. Should they take voice lessons? Yes! Voice lessons not only improve vocal ability and strength, but also boost creativity, confidence, and brain development!
2. What age can my child start? Our studio works with singers of all ages, but if younger than 8, a  consultation with an instructor is recommended.  
3. Do I have to have special talents? Anyone can learn to sing, the only requirement is interest.
4. How much time will it take? With our student-centered approach, you will notice improvement within the first week if you practice. The more time you put in, the more you will accomplish.
5. How can I learn outside of lessons? At VMS we provide numerous performance opportunities and workshops throughout the year to extend the learning process. Students are also welcome to record in our state-of-the-art studio at any time!


What People Are Saying

"When I ask myself how I became such a developed musician at such a young age, and why I am where I am today, the only answer is Vaughan Music Studios. I always loved music, but it wasn’t until I started working with Cindy that music started becoming a possible career choice instead of just a dream. Before I started at VMS, I could barely play 4 cover songs. Now I have a whole repertoire of original songs, recordings, a developed voice, many connections in the music industry, performing experience, and most importantly, I have confidence that a career in music is possible for me. Thank you Cindy, Mark, and everyone else at VMS for believing in me." - Meaghan Campbell VMS Student, Recording Client NSAI Songwriting Contest Finalist 2014
"I've now not only been taking voice lessons from them, but also drum, guitar, and ear training lessons, and am completely satisfied by the quality of instruction, the facility itself, and the friendliness of the staff. Columbus is fortunate to be able to claim a resource such as this one." - Zain K.
"I've...worked with Barb on stage performance. It's been a joy working and talking with her. Although I do need to work a lot to become a great singer on stage, Barb has taught me a great deal and has made me realize it takes a lot of hard work to be a top notch stage performer. The staff here cares a lot." - Gerald A.
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