In The Studio: Wade Sockman

Ohio State student Wade Sockman recently recorded an original song called "Nostalgia" here at Vaughan Music Studios.  Read more about Wade, his music, and listen to his fantastic new song below in our latest In The Studio feature.


How did the song come to be? Did you write it yourself or with a band?
The melody and basic chord structure for this song was actually made years ago, but wasn't completely put together until a few months ago. It started out as three simple chords and the lyrics eventually came. I came up with the basis for each instrument, but in the studio the song evolved a lot. It came out a lot different than expected. Each person added a unique style to their instrument and ultimately made the song a lot more diverse.
How would you describe your music? Who are some of your influences?
I generally say blues/rock, but I've been told alternative as well. Influences include The Black Keys, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
What is your songwriting process like?
I'll come up with a guitar or piano part (usually a verse) and write to that part. Then comes the chorus and other structures of the song come along the way. I try to write the basis for all the instruments and vocals I want to include in the song, but a lot of the time I will get someone who specializes in the particular instrument or vocal range make the final parts.
When did you first start making music? 
When I was 14, I played guitar for my school jazz band and improvised a lot. It was there that I learned theory and really learned how to play on my own. I started writing original songs around that time, but I didn't become serious about music until high school.
What is your favorite part of the recording process?
Listening to other musicians put their spin on their parts and change the dynamic of the song was the most exciting part for me. Matt did a great job with combining the different elements and styles.
Where do you typically perform live? Any shows coming up?
So far I've played at a few local places here and there when I find time. I'm also a full time student at Ohio State, so finding time to practice with a band for the shows is the most challenging part. I hope to have a line up soon and perform on weekends around Columbus.
Do you plan to release any more music soon?
Yes! I will release a self titled EP by the end of this summer! It will consist of Nostalgia , 3 or 4 other originals, and perhaps a Hendrix cover.
Listen to "Nostalgia" below, and stay tuned for new music from Wade Sockman! Don't forget to follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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