The Perks of A VMS Lesson Membership

VMS offers a monthly membership program for any type of lesson, including voice, guitar, piano, strings, drums, songwriting, and more!  Members at VMS commit to a 30-minute lesson taught by one of our qualified teachers once per week.  There are many benefits to signing up for a VMS membership, and we talked to one of our longtime members about it!  
  - Detailed lesson plans. Having a weekly lesson helps our students develop their talents while allowing their teachers to develop more detailed lesson plans. Consistent lessons allow the teachers to find and focus on their student's strengths and weaknesses in order to better provide them with the skills they need to accomplish their goals. "Julie enjoys the progress she is making as a result of taking voice and piano lessons each week - she is experiencing continuous growth as a singer and pianist," Jean explains, "Also, her teachers have worked with her on special songs for performances at school, as well as piano pieces that she played in a jazz band."
  - Weekly progress reports. Our teachers provide a progress report for every lesson their members take.  The report details what they worked on in their lesson and what their goals are for the future. This is a great tool to help students know what to focus on while practicing at home between lessons. According to VMS guitar teacher, Brian Cerney, “The students who I have seen progress the most are usually members who have committed to making music a part of their daily schedule.”  These reports are also helpful for parents of VMS members, as Jean explains: "As a parent, I enjoy reading the weekly progress reports, and Julie and I are able to discuss what she is learning in her lessons." 
  - Scheduling lessons with ease. Your 30 minute lesson will be with the same teacher, at the same time, and on the same day each week for as long as you continue your membership.  This is convenient for busy members like piano and voice student Julie. Her mother, Jean, explains: "Since we have a set lesson time each week, it is easier for Julie to participate in other activities such as band, drama club, handbell choir, etc." Going on vacation?  No problem!  As long as you give us 24 hours notice, we’ll reschedule your lesson for you.  You’ll even receive e-mail reminders so you never forget a lesson. 
 - Discounted rates. Memberships have a monthly price that costs less than scheduling on a lesson by lesson basis. Whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month, the price of your membership does not change. "Since Julie takes voice and piano lessons each week, we appreciate that we receive a lower price for each lesson as a VMS member, rather than being a lesson-to-lesson student," Jean tells us, "An added benefit is that when you happen to have 5 lesson days in a month, such as 5 piano lessons, the 5th lesson is free!" Looking to record a demo?  Members also receive a discounted rate in the VMS recording studio! 
For more information about memberships and to sign up for your own, give us a call at (614) 451-1976

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