What We Do

Music Instruction

  • Private lessons
  • Classes


  • Demos for beginners
  • Professional quality EPs and Albums


  • In our own space
  • Other venues
  • Extend your learning with experience... vital performance opportunities are available continuously!


Conducted by teachers, students, music professionals... we find and partner with the best mentors in the industry to offer the highest quality and most well-rounded experience for every student


Artist Development

Our motto is “From lessons to launch and everything in between.” Artist Development is the “Everything in between!” We don’t just teach: We give you the opportunity to explore, every plan is customized because every artist is different. Our experienced instructors help you strengthen weak areas, enhance your strengths, and enable your authentic self to shine.



At Your Pace

Besides being a budding musical talent, you also have a lot of other demands on you. Time, these days, is scarce. We are well aware of your situation. And that is why VMS allows you to work at your own pace and offers flexible scheduling!


Enjoy a comfortable, supervised environment where you can relax, create and explore in a community of other VMS students, watch TV, or do homework before or after your lessons. Parents, you can also relax during your child’s lessons, or feel free to run errands, knowing that your child is welcome to stay until you return

Research Based

VMS is concerned about the overall artistic balance (or imbalance) in our educational culture. Although continued neurological research overwhelmingly demonstrates the value of musical involvement and its positive influence in cognitive and emotional development, music programs are often cut or compromised in our schools. In addition, community surveys show diminishing opportunities for the pursuit of individual musical enrichment as well as all-inclusive musical activities. When music instruction is taught at age-appropriate developmental levels by trained, caring teachers, students of all levels receive rewarding results. In addition to growing musically, research shows increases in mental, emotional and cognitive well-being.

Basically… what we do is help every student become better. We are dedicated to success both in music as well as in the rest of your life.