Miss Being Social? We've Put Together Some Free Solutions...


We miss having everyone together in one place. A lot.

So we wanted to put a few offerings together that everyone can get some joy out of, and make them available for free...


Mini Music Chats!


We’re partnering with Upper Arlington Parks and Rec to provide a FREE lecture/discussion series to Columbus music enthusiasts and musicians alike! 
Introducing ‘Mini Music Chats’! Our passionate instructors will be sharing their extensive knowledge and leading live group discussion on a number of community curated subjects all summer long. Register for any or all classes and find community with others who share your passions, deepen your musical appreciation/understanding, and leave feeling inspired :)

If you have an idea or a piece of a song (lyrics, riffs, chord progressions, melodies, anything!) that you'd like help developing, we invite you to join an upcoming Songwriting Collaborative to flesh out your song ideas.
Each Collaborative consists of a small group of students lead by an expert VMS instructor - everyone will get to throw in ideas and develop their works in progress.
  • Think of this as your "drop-in collaborative" for song creation!
  • Sign up for as many classes as you want, the more classes, the more input you will get from others!
  • Limited seats per class
  • Registration in advance only while seats last!

Join VMS friends and family for a FREE Zoom Karaoke Party every Tuesday in May at 7pm EST! Let loose, laugh, and belt your favorite songs into a hairbrush - no one's judging :)
We're also offering a free VMS T-Shirt to everyone who performs during our first club on 5/19!
Learn the language of basic music theory and (finally) understand what your musical friends are talking about! Discover the fundamentals of music terms and functions. In one free 60 min class you will be able to identify basic functions of notes, staff, intervals, keys and more!
5/20 1pm-2pm
Amaze yourself and your friends! Learn to apply some basic skills and finger positions to easily create And learn how to play pro-sounding guitar solos and riffs.
In just one hour you will discover some secret fundamentals used by the pros, and how to connect your practicing to your musical creativity!
5/22 12pm-1pm
(Guitar experience preferred, but not required.)
Hope these free classes can bring extra joy and musical enrichment to your upcoming week!