Lessons & Classes

Voice Lessons

  • Go beyond vocal health and learn to recognize your authentically balanced voice
  • Become fully acquainted with your vocal instrument so you can sing exactly the way you want.

Guitar & Bass Lessons

  • Start with the basics
  • Improve your pro skills
  • Take the lead in your next gig

Piano Lessons

  • Contemporary and Improvisation techniques for all levels
  • Traditional piano from beginners to advanced
  • Charting for bands, recording sessions, and songwriters

Drum Lessons

  • Rudiments for beginners and up
  • Rock ‘n Roll kit intstruction
  • Preparation for concert and marching bands
  • (You can even sign up for practice times in our studio so you don’t have to bother the neighbors!)


Synth Lessons


  • Demystify the Synthesizer and really understand how it works
  • Learn how to create the sounds you want with any Synthesizer
  • Application for Hardware or Software

Song Writing

  • Learn about the structure of a good song
  • Understand music theory for better foundation
  • Study melodic shaping, arranging and layering
  • Create effective phrasing to enhance the meaning of your lyrics


  • Artist development training and production planning
  • College choices
  • Music career guidance


Performance Coaching

  • Professional on-stage techniques for soloists, bands, groups
  • Beginers through advanced
  • Stylization applied specific to genre and branding 


  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Performance anxiety (take control!)


Flute Lessons

  • Solid fundamentals for beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced instruction
  • College and professional audition preparation

Strings Lessons

  • Violin lesson
  • Viola lessons
  • Cello lessons
  • Double Bass lessons
  • Beginners through advanced
  • Classical, country, and more!


Ukulele Lessons

  • Learn Any Style Or Genre
  • Beginers through advanced
  • Ukulele Club is available to all levels!