Lessons & Classes

Voice Lessons

  • Go beyond vocal health and learn to recognize your authentically balanced voice
  • Become fully acquainted with your vocal instrument so you can sing exactly the way you want.

Guitar & Bass Lessons

Start with the basics or take the lead in your next gig


Piano Lessons

From fundamentals to improvising, from prepping for college auditions to playing from pop charts

Drum Lessons

Rudiments to Rock ‘n Roll!  Brush up on technique needed for concert and marching bands. (You can even sign up for practice times in our studio so you don’t have to bother the neighbors!)


Synth Lessons


Love Synthesizers but get confused by half of the knobs on them? It's not as bad as it looks! Demystify the Synthesizer and learn to manipulate any Synth you encounter, Hardware or Software.

Song Development/ Production

Before you record or perform your original composition, learn steps to improve the overall structure and flow



  • College choices
  • Career

Performance Coaching

  • In depth study of the acting skills necessary for a soloist
  • Understand the different performance styles needed to properly present each genre of music


  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Performance anxiety (take control!)

Flute Lessons

  • Lessons for beginning to intermediate flautists

Saxophone Lessons

  • Lessons for all ages and skill levels!
  • Tenor, Alto, Baritone or any variety for any genre

Clarinet Lessons

  • Beginning to intermediate lessons for all ages
  • Fundamentals for marching band, concert band, or your own endeavor!

Brass Lessons

  • Trumpet lessons, Trombone lessons, Tuba lessons, French Horn lessons, and more!
  • Lessons for all beginning to advanced students

Strings Lessons

  • Violin lessons, Viola lessons, Cello lessons, & Double Bass lessons
  • Beginning and advanced lessons for classical, country, and more!

Ukulele Lessons

  • Learn Any Style Or Genre
  • Lessons for all beginning to advanced students