"Not Gonna Bring Me Down"

VMS president and voice instructor Cindy Vaughan has had the opportunity to work with several talented artists that have gone on to do great things. Recently, her daughter Cristi Vaughan and student Krystal Buckley collaborated and achieved massive success when a song they worked on was featured in the hit film ‘Gone Girl’.  Read the full story here! <!--break-->
A few years ago, Cristi was hired by APM/ Resonate music to write an album of pop songs to be pitched for TV & film spots. One of those songs was “Not Gonna Bring Me Down”, which was written by Cristi Vaughan, Matt Naylor, Steven Stern, and Scott Stalone, and features vocals from Krystal Buckley. Krystal spoke highly of the recording experience.
“I had about an hour or so to learn the song before jumping into the recording booth. It gave me a rush of adrenaline, which I think you can hear in the performance. Cristi's lyrics were so powerful that I believe they really helped draw out a powerful vocal performance. In the moments of recording I just remembered all the no's in this industry we constantly get but how my passion and love for music has never allowed me to back down. Matt Naylor and Steven Stern were fantastic and encouraging producers, having a comfortable environment is always important.”
The song’s feature in the film was a surprise to both Cristi and Krystal. “None of us actually knew about it until [Krystal] was in the theater and heard it!” said Cristi. The song plays during the casino scene. “It was such a cool experience and I had the biggest smile and goose bumps all over my body.” 
Krystal first met Cindy at a summer music camp a year after winning Star Search in Australia in 2005. “Cindy has always been a huge supporter and helped me achieve the best of my vocal abilities.” she said. She went on to win the Teen Division of the USA World Showcase at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas the same year. since then, she has been featured on the X-factor in the UK and a featured artist on a number one album in Italy. “Cindy has played an important role in me understanding how my voice works, how to improve my pitch and timing and how they all play a pivotal role in the final outcome.”
Be sure to listen for the song “Not Gonna Bring Me Down” in Gone Girl. which is in theaters now! You can also click here to purchase the song on iTunes. Be sure to keep up with Krystal on Instagram (@krystalbuckley4) and Twitter (@krystalbuckley)!

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