New VMS Guitar Instructor: Brian Cerney

Introducing our newest instructor, Brian Cerney!  Brian has a B.A in Music Industry & Technology from California State University - Chico.  He will be teaching beginning to intermediate guitar here at the studio.  Read more about Brian below and join us in welcoming him to VMS! <!--break-->


When did you first begin playing guitar? Tell us a bit more about your background in music.
I would say I had a very musical upbringing. My mom sang and played multiple instruments in college, and my dad had a huge collection of music and had seen most of the great bands of the 60s and 70s in concert. Growing up I sang in choirs and played in school bands. Sometime in middle school my parents bought me my first guitar, an acoustic. Eventually I got an electric and took lessons with a few teachers. I went on to study Recording Arts in college, hoping to play a role in the creation of music that would move people or bring them happiness. After graduating I signed up for a Year of Service, and ended up being placed as a guitar instructor in a Los Angeles middle school. I found that I loved teaching and sharing the joy of making music with others, and decided I wanted to continue doing it.
Who is you favorite musician?
My favorite musician is Jimi Hendrix. I remember seeing footage of him at the Monterey Pop Festival and being awe-struck by his combination of sound and showmanship. Afterwards I found out my dad had been at been at that concert. He talked about how nobody there had really heard of Hendrix at that point, and how everyone was just stunned afterwards, wondering, "Who IS this guy?". That iconic image of him lighting his guitar on fire inspired me to pick up a guitar. 
What was the first piece of music you ever purchased?
The first piece of music I ever purchased was probably a Beatles CD, "A Hard Day's Night". Most of the music I first listened to growing up was classic rock that my parents had, and the first band I really got into was The Beatles. I loved that they had that rock n' roll edge, yet always remained catchy and singable. I spent hours trying to nail the little 8-bar solo from the album's title track, only to find out years later that they sped up the track after it was recorded!
What are some of your hobbies and non-work activities?
I like to enjoy artistic creation in all its forms - music, visual art, theater, cinema. I'm an avid reader, mostly current event articles or non-fiction. I like to be active, playing sports or enjoying the outdoors. And I enjoy taking part in volunteer work.

For more information about guitar lessons with Brian, give us a call at 614-451-1976 or email